Nutcrackers Display Holiday Cosmetics

MAC Nutcracker Holiday 2016 Collection

This holiday season, retailers are bringing the M·A·C Nutcracker Sweet Holiday 2016 Makeup Collection in-store with these whimsical Nutcracker Displays. The seasonal collection consists of a wide variety of limited-edition makeup items, tools and custom kits, all being promoted with an imaginative Nutcracker theme.

“This season, take a leap into a magical land that’s nutty, naughty and bursting with whimsy! Our story has only just begun…”

Decorated using shades of purple and pink symbols, the displays were designed to hold product tester samples which were used by the makeup counter salesperson to help shoppers determine which shades are most suitable for their complexion. The fabulous confectionary hues used on the figurines connected the dots with all of the brands marketing channels, delivering a candy-coated fantasy across product lines, print, online and in-store.

The  seasonal M·A·C Collection launched at the end of October and internationally in early November 2016 at M·A·C counters, Nordstrom, Bloomingdale’s and Macy’s.



Dare To Go Wild Floor Display

Sinful Colors Holiday Dazzled Shelf Display

Kiss Great Gift Ideas Floor Display


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