Top 3 Picks In Digital Display Innovations

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Digital Display Innovations


Ever since the birth of electronic paper in the 1970s, the technology has been undergoing a constant shifting of its purpose. First, it was a new type of computer screen, then a medium for an inkless office, then, in its most famous incarnation, the platform of reading digital books.

Electronic ink is a patented film electronic display material in which the white and black pigments in E-Ink, the same as those used every day in the printing industry, consists of millions of tiny charged microcapsules trapped inside a clear liquid. With a positive or negative electric field charge, the corresponding pigment particles transfer to the surface, so that the display at that location is coloured either white or black.

To add color, a thin color optical filter is added to the top layer of a black and white EPD, with the filter’s array of pixels divided into triads, groups of three phosphor dots coloured red, green, and blue. When the white particles of the e-paper display are pushed to the surface to reflect ambient light, the embedded RGBW filter reflects color back to the reader by combining the red, green and blue elements.

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Digital Display Innovations


Sun Innovations recently developed a novel emissive projection display (EPD) that uses the principles of fluorescent conversion of luminescent materials that can be created in transparent forms. This display allows visible light to be generated on a fully transparent glass surface, displaying superior quality images. How it Works: An invisible image from a custom-built UV image light engine is projected onto the coated glass. The projected UV image is absorbed and converted by the fluorescent materials on glass to re-emit images in the visible-light spectrum.

This was originally developed as a full-windshield head-up display (FW-HUD) for automotive applications. This new display is based on emissive projection display technology, and forms photo-quality images on a fully transparent RGB emissive screen, after selective excitation of the screen by images in multiple ultra-violet wavebands from a projector. With this FW-HUD, information can be graphically displayed anywhere on a windshield without limitation on viewing angles.




Digital Display Innovations


Holocube is a fully integrated 3D projection platform that combines the most advanced modern projection techniques in a contemporary sleek housing. The technology allows you to showcase high end products in stunningly accurate detail at trade shows, exhibits, showrooms or storefronts in a way that makes shoppers stop and take notice.

When it comes to marketing, packaging and presentation are just as important as the product itself. When consumers see a company utilizing novel technology, they automatically associate their products with being cutting-edge, hip and high quality. The Holocube can give customers an up-close look at new products in accurate detail that pictures and videos simply can not capture. Holocubes are available in many of sizes with display screens ranging from 15 inches to 70 inches.



We hope these inspiring, cutting-edge tech innovations inspire you to think up new age ideas for your in-store shopper marketing initiatives.