Brand 2020 Navigates Complex Media Landscape

Brand 2020

Earlier this year The Blueprint and The Drum Network launched the Agency 2020 initiative, which brought together innovative agency heads to talk about what agencies will look like in the year 2020. Now, we are turning the tables and asking the brands what they will look like in the future as we launch the Brand 2020 initiative.

While much editorial coverage has been dedicated to answering the question ‘what will agencies look like in the year 2020?’, by comparison little has been penned about how the brands and clients, the very organisations who are driving much of this agency change, are being forced to change internally themselves to face/cope/manage the many challenges that are facing navigating today’s increasingly complex and confusing marketplace.

This issue recently formed the topic for a roundtable discussion hosted by progressive talent search company The Blueprint and The Drum Network, the findings of which will form a series of articles entitled Brand 2020 to be published over the coming weeks.

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