Duracell Dresses Up Floor Stand Display For The Holidays And Star Wars

Proctor & Gamble recently launched several marketing strategies to increase share in the declining alkaline battery market. According to a recent press release, Jeff Jarrett, Duracell Marketing Director, explained: “We’re just sticking to a very simple strategy, which is building strong retailer partnerships, innovation and brand building. When retailers have gotten behind the Duracell brand, their business has grown.”

Over the last several years, Duracell has launched inspirational campaigns designed to invoke purposeful emotions for the brand and consumers. In addition to their 2015 product launch for Duracell Quantum, a new premium battery line, the brand also secured a lucrative partnership as the ‘official’ battery for the upcoming release of the new Star Wars movie.


As a promotional partner for “Star Wars: The Force Awakens,” Duracell collaborated with the likes of Disney, Lucasfilm and ILM (Industrial Light and Magic) to create an authentic Star Wars experience for a holiday commercial that recently launched nationwide on TV and online. Additionally, in store campaigns were deployed across several major retailers. An example is the floor display shown here which utilizes the brands stock unit dressed-up with Kylo Ren shapes and graphics.



This Nutcracker unit also leverages the base display with a festive and dimensional holiday graphic theme. This seasonal display was designed to promote the brands new Duracell Quantum batteries which earned recognition as one of Nielsen’s Breakthrough Innovation Winners in 2015.