Aisle Violator Helps Amope Grow Its Foot Care Range

Amope Pedi Perfect Aisle Violator

Amope, an established category leader in foot care, recently announced that it would be expanding its product line with a new Electronic Nail Care System. The new battery-operated system features three attachments (file, buff, shine) and is small enough to fit into a purse. In a recent press release, Karen Chisholm, Marketing Director at RB, said, “Given the success we saw with the new Amope foot care range of products in year one, expanding into nail care is the natural next step. With the Amope Pedi PerfectTMElectronic Nail Care System, we wanted to give women a simple tool to achieve shiny, healthy-looking nails without frequent and expensive trips to the salon. We want to give them the confidence to love every step.”

In addition to the Nail Care System launch, Amope has also improved their very popular Pedi Perfect foot file. The Amope Pedi Perfect Electronic Foot File with Diamond Crystals has finely ground diamond particles which can give you soft, smooth feet in no time at all. Available in three different variants, the crystals and the micralumina roller head are designed to remove tough skin using a gentle and safe rotating motion. All of the brands’ nail and foot care product lines were developed so women could create their own salon experience at home and enjoy beautiful, perfectly pedicured nails and feet.

The company has taken the ‘salon-at-home-experience’ campaign and translated it to several POP merchandisers that can be found in most major Drug store retailers across the U.S. The interactive aisle violator shown above is just one of many initiatives created to bring attention to the brand off shelf and outside of the category. You can view some of the other POP displays that are currently deployed in-store by clicking the links below.

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