Cosmetic Display Spins Up Sales

As much as brands may not like sharing space with their competitors, sometimes retailers require equal billing. Case in point is this great spinner display we spotted at Walgreens which featured two powerhouse cosmetic brands trying to spin up sales.


L'Oreal Spinner Display

This side of the spinner featured L’Oreal promoting their Lash Paradise mascara line. Several products were displayed on hooks adjacent to the triangular copy panels which feature step-by-step application instructions and brand assets.


Maybelline Spinner Display

Tho other side of the spinner featured Maybelline promoting their Tattoo Studio Brow Gel and Sodapop Eyeshadow Foundation. Just like the other side of the display, the graphic panel arrangements repeat on Maybelline’s selling space.

Love the call to action text and arrows on the spinner plate telling shoppers to Spin Me!