BIC Lighter Tray Offers Retail Modularity

BIC Lighter Counter Display

For over 40 years, the BIC lighter has been recognized as one of the most dependable lighters in the category. The brand has sold more than 15 million lighters in more than 160 countries around the world because of their commitment to quality, safety and reliability.

As reported from our good friends over at Fixtures Close Up…………..This BIC lighter step-and-repeat display tray gives the impression of endless repetition into infinity…..or at least the end of the tray. Seen sold out, this strategy for lighter display and positioning at the cash wrap for impulse buy certainly worked. And empty, the wavy serpentine pattern is even more attention compelling than if fully stocked. Step-and-repeat is the description of how a particular design is offset just slightly and done again and again and again to produce a larger whole.


BIC Lighter Counter Display

Go Modular When Possible

Taking the individual lighter tray one step further, BIC has incorporated these trays into a three-tier counter display for retailers who can handle larger product volumes. In addition to planogram flexibility, this approach also economizes scale with component costs.

The moral of this story is that a little forward thinking can go a long way for a brand in-store. This not only applies to one’s overall marketing strategy but also to any associated marketing collateral that delivers the message, in this case, display components. When possible, explore the idea of modular assets that benefit both client and retailer.



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