Amazing POP Swings Into Retail for Spider-Man

Slated for debut on July 3rd, the latest installment of The Amazing Spider-Man is hitting the big screen, online, in-store, social media and in parking lots. Altogether, approximately 400 promo partners worldwide paid an estimated $200 million in marketing dollars to support the film. Retailers such as Wal-Mart, Toys R Us, Target, 7-Eleven, Best Buy and several others took advantage of the opportunity to promote licensed products to shoppers.

Wal-Mart, Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures have partnered up and rolled out the red carpet for an amazing mix of over 1,000 licensed product SKU’s as well as unique promotional displays.  On June 15th and 16th, Wal-Mart held a worldwide event inviting fans across the country for a sneak peek of the film. In addition, a smartphone app dubbed the “Secrets Unmasked” was deployed to follow a fleet of 20 trucks that visited more than 1,000 stores to promote the Amazing Spider-Man Truck Tour.

Wal-Mart wasn’t the only retailer creating a fan experience beyond the big screen. Target and Marvel Entertainment have launched a variety of Amazing Spider-Man themed products such as clothes, bedding, party decorations and toys which were made available at retail and online. In addition, Target dedicated an end cap in store to showcase a fantastic Spider-Man display complete with rope web and floor graphics (see below).

Throughout the world, 7-11 held store events, online contests, radio ads and offered fans a one-of-a-kind collectible slurpee cup. 7-Eleven collaborated with Columbia Pictures to develop three slurpee cups that had animated movie characters on them.

On a more charitable note, SUC2 (Stand Up to Cancer) and the Amazing Spider-Man have teamed up and are asking fans to Be Amazing and Stand Up by donating and supporting a grassroots movement that is designed to accelerate groundbreaking cancer research enabling therapies to get to patients faster and save lives.

Besides some of the larger retailers, several other major brands got caught in the promotional web. Below is a list of just a few.

– KFC Spider-Man Box Mug Give-Away
– Kellogg’s Spidey Code Free Movie Tickets
– Hardee’s Spider-Man Eats Free Promotion
– Amul Milk Products Promotions
– Schick Movie Ticket Give-Away
– Twizzlers Twist Amazing Spider-Man Web Promo
– Burger King Spider-Man Collectibles
– Krispy Kreme Spider-Man Eco-Bag Promo
– OPI Limited Edition Nail Lacquers
– Carl’s Jr. Amazing Spider-Man Video Game Peel-Off Sticker Cup
– Visa and DBox were also on the list of Marvel partners

Check out the collection of in-store displays below.


Amazing Spider-Man Shadowbox


Amazing Spider-Man Floor Graphic


Amazing Spider-Man Kellogg's Floor Display


Amazing Spider-Man Security Graphic


Amazing Spider-Man Ceiling Graphic


Amazing Spider-Man Floor Display


Amazing Spider-Man End Cap


Amazing Spider-Man Aisle Violator


Amazing Spider-Man Floor Display


Amazing Spider-Man Aisle Violator


Amazing Spider-Man Pallet Display


Amazing Spider-Man Poster Display


Amazing Spider-Man End Cap