Toadfish Display

Toadfish Display Helps Tipsy Shoppers

Non-Tipping Can Cooler How many times have you spilled a canned beverage accidentally? Happens to the best of us. Toadfish Outfitters has a solution to help prevent those pesky tip-overs….it’s called the Toadfish. From the […]

Makray Manufacturing

71-Year-Old Injection Molder Shuts Down

Chicago-area custom molder Makray Manufacturing Co. has closed its doors after 71 years in business, as the company prepares for an auction Dec. 17 that includes 26 injection presses. Makray officially closed about three weeks […]

Zemanka Organic Bakery

POS Solutions For Bulk Food Products

Thimm has won two awards for the Zemanka Organic Bakery bin display Thimm developed and produced a sales chute made from corrugated cardboard for the sale of the Czech Zemanka Organic Bakery’s loose biscuits. The […]

Owleez Floor Display

Owleez Display Flies Into Retail

Flying Interactive Baby Owl As children create their wish lists this holiday season,  there’s a good chance that many will want one of the hottest toys in 2019, the Owleez. Made by Spin Master, the […]

Ubisoft Gaming Displays

Gaming Experiences At The POS

Gaming experiences at the POS: Exceptional backdrop setting for games and fan items Thimm has produced two innovative sales-promoting displays for the big games developer and publisher Ubisoft. In electronics and games retailers two pallet […]