Gaming Experiences At The POS

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Ubisoft Gaming Displays

Gaming experiences at the POS: Exceptional backdrop setting for games and fan items

Thimm has produced two innovative sales-promoting displays for the big games developer and publisher Ubisoft. In electronics and games retailers two pallet displays are promoting the sales of video games and the ever more popular merchandising items in the gaming sector.

Ubisoft is a leading developer of interactive entertainment products on all widely-used platforms including consoles, smartphones, tablets and PCs. In spring this year the company launched the popular strategy game “Anno 1800” as a PC game into the German market. As well as a standard DVD-ROM, a special edition was released. For the product launch the Thimm display specialists developed a striking promotional display in the design of a historical newspaper kiosk. The design recalls the era of the 19th century industrial revolution and transfers the game action directly to the point-of-sale. The 1/2 pallet display made from corrugated cardboard was produced in high-quality offset printing. Customers can see and pick up the games from all four sides of the display. The display also provides retailers with enough space to offer up to 60 DVDs for sale. A removable panel can create space for optional special editions, ensuring the display is infinitely flexible in its use for retailers.


Ubisoft Gaming Displays

The second creative display for Ubisoft, currently positioned in retail outlets, is promoting the sale of Chibi figurines. The ten centimetre high figurines represent the characters of the action video game “Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege”. Such collectible figurines are enjoying increasing popularity amongst gamers as they have a unique code through which exclusive game content can be released. To kick-off sales for potential customers the display presented the five figurines in an anti-theft acrylic box. The high-quality sales displays have been built for long-term use as the collectible pieces are regularly replaced with new figurines. Thimm developers also incorporated a variable function into this offset printed display where the top signs can be exchanged within the retail outlets. They can then decide on a case by case basis which of the five figurines should be actively promoted.




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