ZzzQuil Floor Display Helps Shoppers Sleep Soundly

ZzzQuil Sleep Soundly Floor Display

Get a Beautiful Night’s Sleep

Studies have shown that 76 percent of Americans are unable to get the quality of sleep they need. Most spend their time tossing and turning all night, leaving them feeling moody and tired the next day. Proctor and Gamble has a solution for that with their new nighttime sleep-aid, ZzzQuil.

ZzzQuil is a non-habit-forming sleep aid which contains diphenhydramine HCI, a compound that helps you get some shut-eye so you can wake up feeling refreshed. ZzzQuil is available at most major retailers in liquid and liquicaps form.


ZzzQuil Sleep Soundly Floor Display

P&G recently partnered with Walgreens’s balance rewards program to promote ZzzQuil using this z-shaped floor display. Perched on top of the base, the z-shaped, corrugate topper created instant brand recognition. All surfaces of the ‘Z’ were litho-labeled and decorated with sleepy twinkle stars. The base was printed on all 4 sides with product shots and the Walgreens Answers graphic asking shoppers, How can I sleep better? Three corrugate trays merchandised the liquid and liquicap products.

An especially nice touch to the overall display presentation is that the unit was finished on all 4 sides so no matter how it’s positioned in-store, the display can still effectively communicate the brand story and create disruption.

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