WD-40 Helps Make It Easy To Reach Hard Places

WD-40 Floor Stand Display

WD-40 launched a campaign at home improvement stores to promote their EZ-Reach multi-use product. Known as “the can with thousands of uses”, the EZ-Reach packaging comes equipped with an attached flexible straw that can bend and maintain its shape. The versatile straw sprays 2 ways and offers unlimited access to hard-to-reach jobs.


To boost their in-store presence, WD-40 rolled out the floor stand shown here which was spotted at Home Depot. The stacker style display merchandised 96 pieces of product in simple trays that were printed with the ‘8″ flexible straw’ copy. Just above the product, an angled header continued brand messaging and displayed a demo can of EZ-Reach. The demo can was oriented so that the how-to-use instructions on the back were visible, offering a quick education on product attributes. The ‘Try Me Now’ demo can also enabled shoppers to interact with the flexible straw which deterred them from testing out the straw on live product.

In addition to retail POP and social media, the brand also launched an interactive web page titled ‘Hard to Reach Is About To GET EZ’. The page contained an interactive game and several video clips, one of them being a contortionist demonstrating her flexibility in an automotive garage…..great tie in to the products’ flexible straw.