Taj Mahal Floor Display Makes Huge Impact In-Store

Taj Mahal Floor Display

Taj Mahal Tea, in association with SAB Creations, created clutter-breaking visibility to announce the arrival of its new variant Darjeeling flavour. To connect it with the packaging imagery, the brand wanted an iconic Taj Mahal monument structure to showcase the product at-retail. In total, 12 units have been deployed at stores like Hypercity and Max & Spencers for the duration of two months. The activity was mainly targeted at the upper middle class audience.

Creating the Vision: Once SAB Creations received the 3D rendering, they spent a lot of time reproducing all of the details associated with the Taj Mahal. Features such as Urdu letters, structural shapes and graphic treatments were some of the details that brought the 5+1/2′ tall display to life in-store. To achieve the perfect finish and durability, materials such as MDF, metal and glass were used throughout the construction.

“The brand calls it WOW TAJ; It was indeed a WOW experience working on this particular project, because there
was no room for any mistakes, especially since the Taj Mahal is our nation’s pride and joy. Thankfully, our team’s commitment in designing the display to perfection gave us a sigh of relief,” said Sairam Thiagaraja, CEO, SAB Creations.


Taj Mahal Floor Display

To amplify the essence of the Taj, it was essential to place it at the right location within the store. “We actually
identified the placement locations even before starting production. Considering it is a 360 degree display, we didn’t want it to be placed against the wall or rack, which would have reduced its impact on consumers. In addition, we wanted the display located in the ‘hotspots’ which vary from retailer to retailer. Our team searched for such locations, and found them mostly at the store entrance,” said Thiagaraja.

This creative branding surely garnered shopper’s attention with this beautiful iconic display. Shoppers were seen
clicking pictures of the display with their cell phones. The brand is planning to place one of the displays at their corporate office once the in-store marketing activity is over. Thiagaraja views the branding work as a milestone achievement for their team.