Spring Is In The Air

Spring is upon us and with that, so are numerous in-store promotions for the Easter holiday. According to a recent survey conducted by NCA, it projects this year’s domestic retail sales of Easter candy will be nearly $2.4 billion dollars, which is a 1.4% increase from 2015.

In a recent interview, Christopher Gindlesperger, VP of public affairs and communications (NCA), said innovation drives the confectionery industry all year round, and Easter is no exception.

“At Easter, we’ve seen a number of well-known brands with seasonal line extensions. For example, Dove chocolate eggs, Reese’s peanut butter bunnies, SweetTarts and Swedish Fish jelly beans, ” he said.

According to Nielsen’s point-of-sale data, about 17 percent of the candy sold each year is seasonal branded for specific holidays like Halloween, for example. Easter sales makes up more than a third of all seasonal candy, according to their data.

In addition to ‘sweet’ line extensions, several companies are creating limited edition flavors and retail specific products. Confectionery news.com has compiled some of 2016’s latest and greatest.

We have assembled our own holiday compilation of various POP displays found at several retailers. It’s a three part series so use the links at the bottom of each page to advance the images.


Happy Easter Bunny Egg Standee

Walmart – Happy Easter Greeter Standee

Peanuts Easter Movie End Cap

Target – Peanuts Movie End Cap

Happy Easter Dump Table

Target – Happy Easter Table Display

Tic Tac Bunny Burst Mini Wing

CVS – Tic Tac Bunny Burst Mini Wing

Walmart Easter Island Stacker

Walmart – Easter Bunny Island Stacker

Trident Limited Edition Side Kick

Walgreens – Trident Limited Edition Side Kick

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