Sally Hansen Go Chrome Or Go Home

Sally Hansen Chrome Floor Display

The Chrome Look Now Comes Home

Sally Hansen, the leader in creating salon- inspired nail innovation at home, recently partnered with Walgreens to launch their limited edition Salon Chrome Kits. Available in 5 trending shades, the Chrome kits are the first DIY nail kit to launch in the US. Inspired by the Instagram trend of sharing #chromenails, the chrome kits are a welcome departure for the ladies who don’t have time to sit in a salon, enduring the lengthy application process required to achieve chrome-looking nails.



Sally Hansen Chrome Shelf Display

The brand is using this floor stand and shelf display to help promote the kits at Walgreens. On the floor stand, vac-formed inserts allow the product to be slightly angled, creating a more exciting presentation. The color-coded tray and shelves sync up the four variants while chrome-looking graphics reinforce brand and promotional assets.

The shelf display, also vac-formed, arranges the product in a stair-stepped fashion. A large, informative copy panel in the center shows shoppers how to get the chrome look.

In addition to the links below, you can visit the gallery to view more of their promotional collateral. Type sally hansen into the keyword search box once you land in the gallery.



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New Addition – 10.9.2017

Sally Hansen Go Chrome Shelf Display

Spotted this shelf display at Rite-Aid.