Ruffwear Floor Display Caters To Outdoor Experiences

Ruffwear Pet Care Floor Display

Dog Gear For All Adventures From Trail To Town

Bend, Oregon-based Ruffwear is gearing up for the summer season with more cutting-edge products that provide comfort and safety for adventurous four-legged friends. The company has come a long way since the debut of their first product, a collapsible bowl named the Quencher, back in 1994.

Ruffwear plans to launch several new products this summer that feature the company’s Swamp Cooler technology to help keep dogs cool. The original Swamp Cooler will now feature a leash portal on the back of the vest for connecting to Ruffwear’s Web Master and Front Range Harnesses when worn underneath the vest.

In addition, said Susan Strible, director of marketing, the company will introduce a Jet Stream light-and-fast cooling vest that features a Spandex panel on top, a zippered closure for a high-performance fit and a cooling panel on the bottom to keep pets cool during high-intensity activities such as trail running.

“Our Core Cooler is an add-on product that connects to select Ruffwear packs and harnesses to also keep dogs’ chests and bellies cool while hiking,” Strible added.


Ruffwear Pet Care Floor Display

The brand was recently spotted in a trendy mountain town pet store merchandising several of their most popular outdoor dog accessories on this mutli-purpose floor display. Constructed out of metal slatwall, the two-sided unit was very durable and able to hold several SKUs of merchandise. In addition to being mobile with caster wheels, the displays could be arranged in several configurations, accommodating different sized pet retailers and product planograms.


Ruffwear Pet Care Floor Display

The hero on the floor display was the laser-cut dog on top of the riser which was wearing one of the brands Front Range Dog Harnesses. If you notice, all four paws on the  mascot were designed in the shape of a partition which enabled retailers to add dog boots to the metal mannequin……like they did at this store. The faux dog is a great ‘display companion’ with its tail branding and ability to accept live products that shoppers can engage with.



Ruffwear Floor Display

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About Ruffwear

Ruffwear’s mission is to build dog gear to enhance and inspire exploration for outdoor adventurers and their human companions.

That mission has stood the test of time… and we continually strive to design and build gear for dogs that allows our four-legged friends to accompany us on our shared adventures, all while providing a level of safety and comfort in the great outdoors.

Because we’re inspired by our outdoor pursuits– backpacking, skiing, river running, mountain biking – it’s natural for us to utilize fabrics, hardware, materials and construction processes that have been proven in the environment we live for and play in. Our dogs (as well as inspired individuals, just like you, with “professional” canine testers) put our products through the paces, providing valuable feedback that motivates and drives Ruffwear’s continuous product development.

At the end of the day, we believe it is the amazing connection with our dogs, and their ability to motivate us to get out and explore, that makes all the hard work worth the effort. Dogs encourage us to follow our nose just to see where the experience takes us. They improve our health, our lives, and our outlook… and ask for little in return. Combine a dog’s appetite for exploration with the right equipment and you’ll be prepared for yet another grand adventure.