POP Parade September 2013

Courtesy of VJ Media Works

Suguna Eggs Floor Display

Egging them on…

Suguna, a poultry products brand, created a metal floor stand for retail visibility to drive home the importance of eating eggs. The display was found in Big Bazaar, Mumbai. The unit has four shelves which can easily stock more than 15 products at one time.


Alpino Floor Display

Care to Share?

Nestle’s first premium brand in confectionery has been introduced at retail in a highly functional unit. The golden looking display is made up of MDF and plastic which provide a premium feel which matches the brand’s positioning. The floor stand was found at Big Bazaar outlets in the confectionery category. The brand communication of ‘Have you shared it with anyone yet’ was splashed all over, driving home the brand proposition. The display can be accessed from both sides with five shelving spaces providing a high utility value. With the visual of the Alpino chocolate rendered graphically on the top, side and bottom and with the love notes depicted around the chocolate, this merchandiser indeed attracted quite a few onlookers.


HSBC Virtual Floor Display

Up, Close and Virtual!  

HSBC was looking for a unique promotional tool for their debit card offers which could explain how customers could best redeem their points. Classic Retail Imaging Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (resync) created a display with which could cater to all the customers who come to the branches.

The need was to go beyond a display unit with the regular posters or LCD screens and slideshow displaying the offers and instructions, and instead offer a high level of interactivity which would demonstrate, in an easy and simple way the steps of redeeming the points. So the only way out was to bring in an innovative concept with someone actually presenting a product or a service 24x 7 without skipping any of the details and information. Thus the Virtual Mannequin seemed a perfect solution.

A complete story board of expressions and hand movements of the model was created before the shoot as the model’s hand movements needed to be synced with a demo video; this video was later placed next to the model at the edit table. Next, the complete edit was done on FCP (final cut pro) and the offer demo video was created in the form of a flash presentation and was synced with the model movement. Each and every step of the demo video was synced with the hand movements and expressions of the model in such a way as to offer a realistic experience. The model was projected on acrylic cut-outs and the projector unit and the podium, on which the cut-outs were placed, were fabricated in high glossy acrylic with a protective layer. Installation of the units was kept simple and fast. In fact, five mannequins were active in five different locations across India in just 8 days.

The Feedback of the branch managers was positive on all aspects. customers entering the branch were drawn to the display and experienced the complete demo without missing any of the detail of the offers.


SPECIAL INSERT – The Personal Care Gallery

Personal Care, as a segment, has evolved over the years in terms of design and functionality. We present to you a special POP Parade exclusively for this category from what we found in both the GT and MT formats. Let’s take a look…


Ponds Spotless Floor Display

Pink Radiance

Made up of MDF and entirely covered in white with a dash of pink, this new display from Ponds New BB + Fairness Cream communicates the ‘Instantly Spotless All-day Radiance” proposition of the brand. Ponds, as a personal care brand, has been at the forefront developing attention worthy merchandisers in the category. The display was found in Big Bazaar, Mumbai.


Listerine Shield Mini Wing

Pick Me Up

Made up of MDF, this new Listerine parasite was found in Big Bazaar, Mumbai with a shelf holding Listerine pamphlets and conveying the ‘Pick Me up’ message of the brand. The unit effectively extends the brand communication of ‘Listerine Cavity Fighter and Shield against Cavities.’


Repair On Floor Display

Full on Communication

Entirely created using white MDF, this new Pepsodent unit was found in Big Bazaar, Mumbai. The brand message of  ‘Sensitivity Pain Gone and Repair On’ is splashed all over the display. The stocking capabilities easily allow for more than 50 units at one time.


L'Oreal Voted Number 1 Floor Display

A High Five to This One!

Made up of MDF, this striking red and white display grabbed the attention of shoppers in-store. Created by Rex Enterprises, this floor stand has strong stocking space with three shelves which can hold up to 15-20 units at one time. The brand communication of numerical ‘5’ is seen highlighting the ‘Five problems, one solution’ brand proposition. On the left side, the five potential problems are featured followed by the brand solution statement providing a quick look at the product’s USP. The unit was installed Pan India across MT stores.


Tip And Toes Counter DisplaySimple and Effective

Found in Big Bazar, this Tips and Toes CDU is one attention stopper with its simple design and functionality. With simple no-fuss branding and ample stocking space, the unit is surely a winner.


Barbie Perfume Counter DisplayDollicious and How!

DMS Retail Works Pvt Ltd. has created a CDU for the personal care category. Consisting of a thermoformed base and digitally printed header card, these displays, numbering around 400 in all, can be found across MT and GT outlets. Targeted at Barbie fans, the pink CDU has four shelves which can accommodate four perfumes. The CDU was designed by Harshada from DMS Retail Works Pvt Ltd  and reiterates the branding ‘Dollicious Perfume’ with an arrow suggesting ‘Try me’ on the right side urging shoppers to try out the perfume.