Heinz Goes Natural In Urban Markets

Heinz Goes Natural Stacker Display

Heinz recently rolled out a three level marketing plan that included these interesting floor stand stacker displays which were designed by KREO Design & Innovation. Darshita Thaker, Founder & Design Director of KREO Design & Innovation, explains……….”The main objective of the campaign was to highlight that Heinz is the only tomato ketchup devoid of artificial preservatives, colors, flavors and emulsifiers. Only the juiciest and fresh tomatoes make it into Heinz ketchup bottles……100% Natural – that has been on their bottles since their inception.”


Heinz Goes Natural Stacker Display

Darshita further explains, “The 100% Natural idea had immense potential to enhance, reinforce and expand the brand presence for Heinz Ketchup. Thus, we created a center piece that consisted of a clear Heinz bottle filled with cascading tomatoes. By using other dynamic visuals and interesting forms, such as the basket and green foliage, we were able to create an experience that translated the ‘all-natural’ message to shoppers at retail.”

Display fabrication consisted of the following elements:

Heinz Bottle: Acrylic sheet bending / framing
Dummy Tomatoes: Fibre glass / HD thermocol
Basket: Rubberwood
Label frame: Rubberwood
Shelving: Rubberwood
Graphics: Sunboard printing
Self-adhesive shelf strip for SEL and shelf talker