Celebrating Fine Wine Partners Gifting In-Store

Croser Wine Gift Counter DisplayFine Wine Partners (FWP) enlisted Creative Instore Solutions (CIS) to raise the bar on the wine gifting category in store taking the guess work out of “what wine to pick” for the consumer.  Leveraging their range of domestic and international brands, such as Croser and Bollinger and the extensive range of correlating gifting items was a key driver for the resulting merchandisability of the CIS designed display.
FWP wanted a luxurious, premium unit in creating a sense of ” the gift itself is the reason to believe”, specifically capturing key holiday periods that lend themselves to gifting including  Valentines day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas & NYE.

Keeping with the brand portfolio, FWP  required a highlight on sophistication with the key deliverable of the display to drive uplift in sales and visibility for the gifting occasion.   The design asthenic centered around understanding that liquor retail environments would be motivated to maximize on counter location, if the result had a premium look and was durable in construction and ensured retailer uplift.

The lightweight but sturdy display stand is easy to assemble, comes flat-packed all whilst being easy to shop with maximum gift visibility. Additionally, the viability of being able to re-dress the display by brand or occasion maximizes long term ROI for Fine Wine Partners across their portfolios.