Ecotensil Display Bends To Touch Dots

Ecotensil Wood Display

Future Friendly Utensils

EcoTaster is the hip little tasting utensil that in one fun fold becomes a sturdy, pleasing scoop, perfect for a few bites. Made from silky-smooth paperboard – like a soda cup – EcoTasters are the greenest taster available!……..according to the company’s website.

Available in two sizes, the sustainable EcoTaster uses 65% to 90% less storage space on trucks, shelves and demo tables. They are available with custom printed graphics that can help brands promote at-retail, while providing a quick and intuitive way for shopper sampling.


Ecotensil Wood Display

In addition to the graphic easel shown above. an eco-friendly, bamboo display was used to merchandise and promote the EcoTaster’s in-store.