AJS Tap Handles Celebrates 30 Years

AJS Tap Handles

For three decades, AJS Tap Handles has been manufacturing tap handles, signs, chalkboards, displays, wood shelving units, promotional items, and more for the beer and beverage industry. Established in 1987 by Andy J. Sanfelippo in Random Lake, WI, the company prides itself on providing American craftsmanship to its customers and is now the largest tap handle producer in the United States.

In 1999, Hankscraft Inc. of Reedsburg, WI purchased AJS. The privately-owned company has been serving the retail and advertising industries for over 65 years, providing a wide range of point-of-purchase display components such as LED lighting, LCD screens, electronic motors, and audio. The addition of tap handles was a natural fit to give Hankscraft a complete POP offering to their customers.

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