Back to School Nestle Display

Back to School With Nestle

Back to School 2017 Nestle Argentina Earlier this year, Encapa SA partnered with Nestle Argentina to develop a modular display program to promote two brands, Nido powdered milk and Nesquik soluble chocolate. The scalable program […]

A/C Pro Professional Pallet Display

Coldest Air Try Me Pallet Display

Get Cold Air Back Into Your Vehicle Known as the leading manufacturer of automotive A/C products for the do-it-yourselfer and professional service technician, IDQ recently took its reputation off shelf with this interactive half pallet […]

Flintface Woodshop Homespun Floor Display

Flintface Woodshop Homespun Floor Display

Two things before you start. One, a big thanks to Fixtures Close Up ( for providing the images. Two, be sure and read the ‘about’ story at the bottom of this page before reading the […]

Sailor Jerry's

Second Biggest Spiced Rum Brand In The World

Unlike vodka and tequila, which have both seen a resurgence in recent years, rum doesn’t lend itself to craft cocktails in quite the same way. Yet, that hasn’t stopped a relatively small rum brand from […]

Black Box Wine Coffin Display

Black Box Coffin Display Tricks Your Wallet

Black Box Wines, the #1 selling premium boxed wine in the U.S., was recently spotted in-store scaring up sales with this seasonal coffin display. At first we questioned the placement of the unit.  In the candy […]