Preventing The Front Lip Flop

Preventing The Front Lip Flop

A few years ago, we published an article that offered several solutions to keep the sides of displays from pulling out. On a recent store check, we found a couple of trays on shelf that were suffering from the ‘front lip flop’ so we felt it would be an appropriate time to circle back and bring attention to that 2015 article, How To Keep The Sides of Displays From Pulling Out.

As a display designer, you can never rely on a ‘perfect scenario’ with regards to the journey through the distribution chain. In the tray shown above, the argument that the display could have been mishandled in-store could be raised and it’s a fair point. BUT….. in this case, especially with really heavy product, an easy fix would have been to add a ‘failure flap’ as you will see if you check out the article from 2015.


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