BIC Lighter Counter Display

BIC Lighter Tray Offers Retail Modularity

For over 40 years, the BIC lighter has been recognized as one of the most dependable lighters in the category. The brand has sold more than 15 million lighters in more than 160 countries around […]

Ecotensil Wood Display

Ecotensil Display Bends To Touch Dots

Future Friendly Utensils EcoTaster is the hip little tasting utensil that in one fun fold becomes a sturdy, pleasing scoop, perfect for a few bites. Made from silky-smooth paperboard – like a soda cup – […]


Two-Sided Hook With Round Backer

On our last store check at Walmart, we found a unique hook that was used to merchandise summer footwear on a pallet display. If you’ve seen this one before, feel free to discover some other […]

POP Display Hooks

Stop Stripping Those Hook Slots

Stop Stripping Those Hook Slots Ever get complaints from production that your little hook slots are shutting down the die cutter? How about assembly griping about all the little slots they need to poke out […]

Coyote Concepts Wine Displays

Wine Displays With An Industrial Edge

Wine Displays With An Industrial Edge Back in 2012, we were thrilled to have a chance to come up with some looks for a new floor display for Don & Sons wines. Being  fans of […]

Walmart Pallet Train Display

Pallet Train Offers Exit Strategies

This design insight didn’t make it to publication a few years back but we decided to give it a go in 2018 as it’s an excellent example of a well designed retail planogram.   The […]

Berkley Side Kick Display

Berkley Side Kick Suspends Trout Dough

Founded in 1937 by 16-year old Berkley Bedell, the Iowa-based company has established itself as a world-class provider of fishing tackle and bait. Back in 2013, we published a great article that touched on Berkley’s […]