Lighting Up MinuteKey at Retail


Need to copy a key? Right now? MinuteKey’s key duplication kiosks solve that problem in an ever-increasing number of retail locations. To help guide consumers to their in-store locations, they asked Concept Designs to come up with a lighted sign that would provide both direction and branding.

The giant (32” x 13.5”) two-sided key is lit by an internal LED panel that back lights screened acrylic panels front and back. The key assembly is fashioned from grey powdercoated steel. The key is mounted on a powdercoated steel stand that can mount with hardware to the top of the kiosk or with high strength neodymium magnets to a display rack.


Concept Designs supplied two versions of the key – a generic green key and an orange key that is unique to Home Depot. An optional, interchangeable graphic can be hung from the bottom of the key to communicate special offers and promotions.




Concept Designs Inc., headquartered in Palo Alto, California, is a leading provider of innovative, custom retail display solutions. The company’s award winning displays are innovative, cost-effective, and have been shown to increase their customers’ sales by promoting their products and brands.