Kit Kat Display Promotes #mybreak Campaign

Kit Kat #mybreak Retail Display

As part of their ongoing #mybreak promotion, Kit Kat continued in-store support with this awesome floor display. The mybreak campaign was built around several themes such as #mycomdeybreak, #mygamingbreak, #mygreenbreak, #mymusicbreak, #mysportsbreak and #mytravelingbreak. All of these celebratory themes encouraged brand-loyal fans  to take a break and have a Kit Kat while enjoying their favorites activities.

In addition to retail POS, the campaign also included plenty of media support such as TV, U-Tube and of course, the social platforms. Consumers were able to engage using the hashtag #mybreak and were also able to enter drawings to win Kit Kat-branded prizes.

The eye-catching floor display featured in this article was produced by STI Group. Outstanding design with lots of mouth-watering appeal!


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