Holiday Living Interactive Pallet Display

Holiday Living Interactive Pallet Display

Lowes Home Improvement is in the holiday spirits with several festive displays that are stealing the spotlight in their store entrances across the US.

One of the displays that caught our attention was this pallet display that merchandised battery operated indoor lights. The eye-catcher wasn’t the display itself but the faux trees that showcased all of the various lights on top. Upon closer inspection, the trees appeared to be manufactured using some sort of foam substrate (we think). The limbs were wrapped with a birch tree patterned material which was quite authentic looking.

Just below each set of lights, shoppers could push the yellow buttons to activate specific strings of lights. Below the interactive header, all of the different SKU’s were neatly organized and easily identifiable on shelves.

From the recent store checks we have done, looks like this holiday season is featuring more interactive displays than in previous years.

Check back soon as we have a few other interactive seasonal display articles we will be posting. Be sure and visit the image gallery if you are looking for inspirational ideas this holiday season.


Holiday Living Interactive Pallet Display



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