Hawaiian Tropic Shelf Display Goes Weightless

Hawaiian Tropic Weightless

Available in SPF 15/30, Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration Weightless is the next generation in Edgewell’s sunscreen portfolio. Weightless has a unique breathable formula that feels as if it is barely on. The light, air-soft texture feels weightless on your skin, while hydrating silk ribbons provide 12 hours of luxurious moisturization, so your skin feels silky soft while being safely UVA/UVB protected……according to the brand’s website.

On a recent Walgreens store check, we found this Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration Weightless display promoting the new variant. The compact display held 8pcs of product which were merchandised in a vacuum-formed tray. A water graphic on the bottom of the tray blended into the rolling waves on the riser, creating a seamless visual flow. Besides the fusing liquid effect – the plastic, curved, lug-on piece with a woman seated on a paddle board captured the ‘weightless’ aspect of the product, giving the appearance that she’s floating above the water.

The overall appearance on shelf resulted in a buoyant and soothing presence that conveyed product attributes quickly to sun-loving shoppers.


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