Sunset Display Scores Big With Flavor Bowls

Sunset Flavor Bowl Floor Display

Score Big With a Flavor Bowl

Ontario-based Sunset is promoting healthy game-day snacking with this football-themed floor display. The display holds 12 vacuum formed Flavor Bowls that are shaped like a football, complete with raised laces!

“Snacking and watching football go hand in hand,” CEO Paul Mastronardi said in the release. “We wanted to offer tailgaters and TV viewers a fun way to bring healthy snacks to the party in a package that fits right into game day entertaining.”

What makes this display a real standout is how quickly the marketing message is conveyed to shoppers. Super punchy graphics and the football-shaped packs create instant recognition to the campaign intent.

Love how the top tray was printed like a football field…….very cool how the product nested in their cut-outs as well……it’s like the football-filled tomato packs were teed up waiting to kick off a purchase!


Sunset Flavor Bowl



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