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InComm, the distributor of Gaming Gift Cards, along with the participation from gaming brands Apple, Steam, Roblox, Sony PlayStation, Xbox and Google, required an instore shipper activation to promote their category and increase brand awareness during a Coles 4-week promotional period across Australia. The success of the promo from past years paved the way for a new innovative design that could insinuate “gaming” and capture the attention of gamers from across the store.

Challenge the norm and create something new that distances itself from the standard gift card seasonal shipper typically seen in grocery stores, but function in the same way.

Our Solution drew inspiration from the gamer industry. Taking design cues from “old school” gaming, ID POP designers looked to replicate the form of a joystick reminiscent of 80s and 90s gaming consoles. Bold red and black colours were chosen complete with an overarching and prominent red “fire” button on top.

Cardboard flat sheet has its limitations when creating round or curved shapes. However, this FSDU features numerous curved surfaces achieved by rolled panels to give an overall organic shape.

Overall results saw the campaign exceed expectations with a high return on investment. Across all gaming brands (during the 4-week period), Coles Supermarkets saw an increase of over 30% in sales. Furthermore, the awareness the event and shipper generated has helped solidify Coles as a leading destination for Gaming Gift Cards in Australia.

In March of 2022 Coles Game On! Display was awarded a Shop! ANZ Silver Retail Marketing Award for their Grocery Store (Non-Food) Category.




ID POP Co, along with InComm Melbourne (VIC) and Atlanta (GA), has been developing custom Gift Card Displays for seasonal campaigns and promotions since 2016.

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