Floor Display Diffuses Healing Solutions

Superior Cultivation Of Ingredients

Founded on the belief that customers should have access to high quality essential oils without paying the high prices that usually accompany them, Healing Solutions is expanding their retail presence in several brick and mortar stores.

Originally launched as a direct to consumer model, the company rolled out this floor display to create off-shelf visibility for their high-end products. The display was split in half with the left side merchandising oil diffusers via a plug in gravity fed chute. Adjacent, the brand’s most popular essential oil blends were made available in six pack cartons.

Overall, the structure was well designed with product claims and brand assets printed on all visible surfaces.


But What If……………..

1…..the entire base seat was printed gray?

2…..the front lip on the diffuser chute was made taller to add more stability and copy space?

3…..the gravity fed diffuser chute was designed as a standalone mini wing display that could be used independently?



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