Core Power Floor Display Helps Build Lean Muscle

Core Power Floor Display

Made from fresh, low fat, lactose-free milk, and real honey, Core Power shakes are a delicious high-protein drink for those with active lifestyles. Formulated with nutrients designed for workouts or a busy day, Core Power uses a patented filtration process that separates the five components of milk to increase the level of protein and minerals to levels equal to three glasses of milk.

Core Power co-founder Mike McCloskey says, “People are really watching their ingredient lists these days and are careful about what they’re putting into their bodies. With Core Power, people can feel good about what they’re drinking,” Mike says. “We’re not ‘junking up’ your drink with a bunch of powders and supplements – we’re essentially relying on the superfood milk is, to give people the nutrition they need for vitality and vigor so they can live life to the fullest. Core Power has a natural, simple ingredient list… and we’re extremely proud of that.” (Coca-Cola : From Grass To Glass)


Core Power Floor Display

Distributed by Coca-Cola, Core Power recently honed in on their marketing efforts making an appearance in supermarkets with this cool floor display.  A beefy graphic wrap supported five shelves of product that were securely fastened to the interior side walls of the display. Available in five 20 and 26 gram flavors……Chocolate, Banana, Vanilla, Strawberry Banana Light, and Chocolate Light…..this floor stand  helped Core Power deliver a visually engaging and nutritional message in-store. Pretty sure the water on the top shelf wasn’t part of the promotion!

The feature that grabbed our attention was of course, the dimensional riser. Constructed using corrugate board, the 3-D cow was designed to support brand equity with its powerful muscle pose. The details incorporated into the header are quite amazing. Several curve-scores were used on the head and legs, bringing a life-like quality to the brawny bovine. The ears and black work-out t-shirt added the finishing touches. All in all, a very moo-ving merchandiser.