Coca-Cola Display Dispenses Tickets In-Store

Coca-Cola Aisle Display

After making the commitment to invest $1 billion dollars back in 2016, Coca-Cola is making good on its vision to expand their footprint in Argentina. In addition to using these funds to develop Coke’s Operation infrastructure and sustainability initiatives, the company is also using the capital to develop full-service retail displays.

Groupo Basicos and Coke recently partnered up to create a massive destination display that showcases several of the company’s soda products. The category defining display incorporates innovative AI technology which provides shopper behavior feedback to the brand.

A touchscreen ticket machine dispenses discounted coupons and promotions to shoppers which are retailer specific. The feedback this shopper interaction provides is stored and can be customized and adjusted remotely to create ‘one-off’ consumer deals.

By the way if you’re wondering, GASEOSAS means soda!


Coca-Cola Aisle Display




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