Covergirl Full Fan Of Lush Lashes Display

Covergirl Offers Full Fan Of Lush Lashes

Launched in the spring of 2018, Covergirl’s Peacock Flare Mascara is busy lifting summer sales as was evident when we spotted this POP display rolled out at a local Rite Aid. According to brand claims……….Lashes […]

The Dove Real Beauty Pledge

Unilever’s Dove Latest Self-Esteem Project

Today, Unilever’s Dove moves its “Real Beauty” goals further with the introduction of a branding mark indicating its advertising is free of digital manipulation. The “No Digital Distortion” label will appear on Dove’s deodorant campaigns […]

Ecotensil Wood Display

Ecotensil Display Bends To Touch Dots

Future Friendly Utensils EcoTaster is the hip little tasting utensil that in one fun fold becomes a sturdy, pleasing scoop, perfect for a few bites. Made from silky-smooth paperboard – like a soda cup – […]


Sutherland Packaging Launches E-Complete Print Solutions

While the primary packaging of food and beverage products looks fantastic, once these packages enter a cardboard shipping container, they seem to lose their identity, their pizzazz—all the effort that went into the package and […]

Helping Canon Build a Brand from the Ground Up

Helping Canon Build a Brand from the Ground Up

Helping Canon Build a Brand from the Ground Up This is a dream job for a design firm: assist in naming a product, designing the logo, packaging and point-of-purchase display, and creating mobile application graphics […]

Fitbit Pallet Displays

Fitbit Fans Out Register Cards On Pallet Displays

  Club store pallet displays have really made great strides over the last few years in terms of appearance and interaction. San Francisco based fitbit is one of the brands who has elevated their marketing […]

POP Parade July 2018

POP Parade July 2018

Nivea Hydrates Skin In Seconds Display Type – FSU Company Name: Nivea Brand Name: Nivea Hydrating Body Lotion Objective of the display – To showcase the benefits of using the aloe vera-based hydrating moisturizer in […]