Transitions Optical Counter Display

Transitions Optical Launches Demonstrator Displays

Frank Mayer & Associates, Inc. ( has partnered with Transitions® Optical, a leading manufacturer of photochromic lenses, to develop a complete line of lens demonstrator displays to be placed in a variety of retail environments […]

Gillette Blue Blades Display

Vintage Candy Store POP Displays

A recent visit to an old school candy store revealed a treasure trove of several great examples of pop displays from a bygone era. Scroll down to see how displays used to be. Also, if […]

Corrugated Eye Wear Display

Safety Glasses Display Exceeds Standards

What’s the space-age plastic that’s appeared in everything from astronaut helmet shields to children’s glasses? It’s called polycarbonate, a synthetic resin comprised of polymer units which are linked through carbonate groups, including many molding materials and […]

Recon Instruments

Recon Instruments Smart Eyewear Is Showcased In-Store

Recon Instruments partners with Frank Mayer and Associates, Inc. to merchandise their smart eyewear with an innovative display program at-retail. Smart eyewear company, Recon Instruments, is highlighting their Recon Jet™ series of smart sunglasses with […]

POP Parade Februray 2014 - Part 2

POP Parade February 2014 – Part 2

Bright and Clean This bright, green coloured display is consistent with the entire Scotch Bright range of POP at HyperCity, Mumbai. The floor stand was produced using MDF and sun board, with a huge product […]