Mountain Dew Lemon Lime Floor Display

Mountain Dew Makes A Splash With New Flavor

This past January 15, Mountain Dew launched a new lemon-lime soda called Mountain Dew Ice. The soda will become a permanent addition to their product line which already includes regular Mountain Dew and energy drink […]

Coca-Cola Aisle Display
End Cap

Coca-Cola Display Dispenses Tickets In-Store

After making the commitment to invest $1 billion dollars back in 2016, Coca-Cola is making good on its vision to expand their footprint in Argentina. In addition to using these funds to develop Coke’s Operation […]

Kinder Joy Crazy Friends Island Display

Kinder Joy Crazy Friends Island Display

Encapa and Ferrero Kinder Joy recently joined forces to create a destination display that merged the brands fun toy treats with their online games. According to the brand’s website, Magic Kinder gives families the opportunity to […]

Alert Caffeine Gum Counter Display

Alert Caffeine Gum Targets Energy Aisles

Originally launched by Wrigley in 2013, Alert Caffeine Gum is back in-store after a four year hiatus. The brand had to suspend production shortly after launch because the FDA announced that it was researching the […]

Diet Coke Breaks From The Ordinary POP Display

Diet Coke Breaks From The Ordinary

After 35 years, Coca-Cola recently announced that it has made some very huge changes to their Diet Coke brand with the launch of four new flavors and packaging. According to a recent press release, the […]

Popon 12 Favorite Holiday Gallery Pics For 2017

12 Favorite Holiday Display Pics

Air Wick Gingerbread House Pallet     Multi-Tier Holiday Gift Card Pallet Display     Ice Cubes Tree Floor Display     10KT Gold Counter Display     Keepsake Slotted Ornament Display     Sutter […]