Theraflu Display Disrupts Cold And Flu Category

Theraflu Powerpods

A Warm Wave Of Relief In Every Cup

Launched in the fall of 2018 by GSK Consumer Healthcare, Theraflu PowerPods are modernizing how consumers get relief from cold & flu symptoms. PowerPods are single-use plastic pods that fit into Keurig and similar coffee makers.

GSK Theraflu senior brand manager Latisha Tillie said the team was brainstorming ways to improve and change cold-and-flu treatment for people in the throes of illness when someone threw out the idea. Why not put the powdered medicine in a pod? After all, about 40% of households own the convenient single-serve coffee machine, she noted.


Theraflu Powerpods Shelf Display

To help strengthen their big branded innovation, GSK rolled out this inline display to promote Daytime and Nighttime PowerPods. Constructed out of plastic, the display clearly provides a long term disruptive advantage in the category. Both graphic panels were printed to demonstrate how the pods are used with coffee makers. Two live pods, adhered to the front of the display, reinforced the single-serve pod innovation and simplicity of use.

In addition to the pods, Theraflu also offers cold & flu symptom relief in syrup, caplet and hot liquid powder formulas.



Theraflu Powerpods Shelf Display




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