Straight Talk Tower Display Signals Shoppers

Straight Talk Tower Display

Same Towers For Less!

What if you could get the exact same network and coverage you have now, but pay less? That’s the message Walmart’s Straight Talk is delivering in-store, this month and next, to showcase their ultimate unlimited promotion.


How Does Straight Talk Work?

Straight Talk is a month-to-month, wireless service that contracts airtime from the four big carriers which enables them to pass on the savings since they do not have a network of their own. Their business model allows consumers to enjoy the flexibility and freedom of a pre-paid, no-contract agreement using their own phone or one for purchase through the plan.

In addition to TV ad spots, Walmart is using this huge, Samsung-branded tower display to convince shoppers to make the switch over to Straight Talk. Not only does this well-branded, massive merchandiser attract attention from across the store, its shape also supports Straight Talk’s promotional tagline……..’Same Towers Great Coverage For Less’.

If you get a chance to see this mixed-material display at-retail, be sure and check it out as it’s quite impressive and well constructed.



Straight Talk Tower Display



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