Rust-oleum Display Has Universal Purpose


Rust-oleum® Universal® is an all-in-one, paint and primer that provides superior coverage and durability over any surface. It features a patented comfort trigger that eliminates finger fatigue and sprays from any angle.

Impulse Point of Purchase was approached by Tor Coatings to develop a new display for the Universal® brand to help launch the product in the French market.


Rust-oleum Floor Display

The brief was taken on by their sister company Cirka Creative. The end result was a smart, 360 degree, permanent floor stand with interchangeable graphics. The oversized product replica design rotates on one of their slimline Lazy Sue bearing spinners which makes accessing products a breeze.


Rust-oleum Floor Display

The interesting aspect of this display is the use of different materials and processes in its construction. The main structure is laser cut steel, formed into a cylinder shape. The top feature is a two piece vacuum form (large format via Calm Creative Ltd) that is glued together to create the look-a-like patented “comfort trigger”.

Impulse assembled these units with graphics fitted and packed them individually into cartons to allow easy store implementation. They have been produced in batches of 50, with the first batch destined for the French DIY market.