Emerging Technologies in Large-Format Displays

Large-Format Displays

During the COVID-19 pandemic era, digital displays that shared health, hygiene and safety-related messaging became ubiquitous. This is quite similar to how airports use information displays to share gate information, worship centers leverage them to share upcoming activities and education campuses deploy them to publicize important events. This month, however, Commercial Integrator sets its sights on a more dazzling category: large-format displays. That term could refer to glitzy DVLED displays in high-end retail, huge-scale projection mapping to showcase artists’ work or eye-popping tiled-LCD videowalls that decorate walls in corporate lobbies. Which technologies are becoming dominant? Which vertical markets present the ripest opportunity? Ought integrators to jump into the content game? In the pages that follow, our subject-matter experts tackle all those questions……………..

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