Wood Displays Made in the USA

Wood Displays

There is an increasing demand for retail wood displays Made in the USA, and that trend is likely to continue. Here’s why:

(1) Supply availability– The U.S., with 228 billion trees, has a natural resource advantage in timber relative to lower labor cost countries like China with 140 billion trees. Readily available raw materials and a broad selection of more than 1000 species in the U.S. contribute to the increasing demand.

(2) Greater focus on environmental impact– Sustainability is top of mind for brands and retailers, which has given rise to increased popularity of displays made of renewable resources like wood. In addition, continent-to-continent sourcing, whereby companies source from the same continent in which the goods will be consumed, is gaining momentum. The net result is that U.S. companies that may have sourced a metal display in Asia are increasingly more likely to purchase a display that is Made in the USA if the display is destined for the U.S. market. Wood is a natural material choice for………

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