Corr-a-Clip Decomposes Within 90 Days

Article Courtesy of Kieron Morris - Harrison Products


Crafted from a design and material that are completely unique to Harrison, the natural fibre used in its construction allows the Cardboard Corr-a-Clip to decompose naturally within 90 days. This material is also FSC certified and complies with FDA-21 CFR.

The cutting edge, patent-pending design intelligently uses curves to increase the strength and stability of the Cardboard Corr-a-Clip.

The Cardboard Corr-a-Clip is revolutionising the way in which display units are disposed of. This product can go in the same recycling stream as the cardboard display it is attached to…….. meaning that display units no longer need to be dismantled before disposal.

Watch the Corr-a-Clip in Action.




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