Skrap Sunglasses

Skrap Display Reclaims Hand-Crafted Sunglasses

Located just outside of Canada’s capital city Ottawa, SKRAP.CO creates unique, handcrafted products from reclaimed materials. The company has partnered with Canadian skate shops and ski resorts to procure old skateboards and snowboards which they […]

Snapi Single Handed Salad Server

Grab A Full Serving In A Snap

Serve Up Dishes Single With One Hand Who doesn’t love a good kitchen gadget, right? Known for their gourmet olive oil sprayers, Misto recently launched a fun gadget designed to grab an entire portion of food […]

Honey Pot Counter Display

Bees Make More Than Honey

The amount of honey in this jar is as much honey as one honeybee can make in its lifetime. One-twelfth of a teaspoon. This hand-blown glass vessel is a reminder that we are dependent upon […]

Burt's Bees Spinner Display

Burt’s Bees Display Spins Eco-Friendly Message

Can’t get enough Burt’s Bees………….neither can we! On a recent visit to one of the famous Mast General Stores, we spotted this easily recognizable unit in the oral care section. The well-engineered display offered 3 […]

Burt's Bees Flavor Crystals Counter Display

Burt’s Bees Flavor Crystals Pamper Lips

Flavor Crystals Offer Sweeter Moisturized Lips Burt’s Bees is buzzing at retail with their recently launched flavor crystals lip balm. Formulated with hydrating beeswax, coconut oil and sunflower oil, their latest innovation keeps lips moist, soft […]

Kuhn Rikon POP Display

Kuhn Rikon Debuts New POP Display

Kuhn Rikon has introduced new point-of-sale merchandise displays for its assortment of veggie peelers, which includes potato, tomato and carrot designs. The shallow countertop display unit holds 18 pieces, six of each style of veggie […]