Outlast Cooling Chair Floor Display

Cool Floor Display Invites Shoppers To Sit Here

The Only Office Chair With Space Age Cooling Technology Outlast Technologies, a leader in phase change materials, has been at the forefront of applying their space-age materials to hundreds of commercialized products for over two […]


Products Fly Off The Shelf With FlyVision

Rapid Displays is launching FlyVision, a proprietary new technology that defies gravity and allows a product to literally float inside of a display. The unique visual display masters the illusion of a product floating without […]

FFR Merchandising Suction Cup Sign Holder

New Suction Cup Sign Holder

Promote product specials on glass surfaces to boost sales using the Plastic Thumbtack Suction Cup with Adhesive, new from FFR Merchandising. Plastic Thumbtack Suction Cups efficiently hold cardstock signage on smooth glass surfaces, including counter […]

Frank Mayer & Associates, Inc.

Successful Dealer Display Programs

The process of designing displays for your dealer networks in the flooring, paint, or home improvement industries presents a unique set of challenges. Build your framework around five questions when developing display programs for home […]

L'Oreal Ever Aisle Violator

L’Oreal Gives Shoppers EVER-y Choice

L’Oreal recently launched an in-store campaign to promote their Ever line of hair care products. This special line boasts several variants and applications that are free of parabens, sulfates, harsh salts, and dyes. To bring the […]


Chobani Becomes Largest Yogurt Brand

Yoplait is suffering through a Greek crisis. Chobani, which popularized Greek yogurt in America, overtook General Mills’ Yoplait last year to become the country’s biggest yogurt brand. That a 12-year-old upstart could overtake a powerhouse […]