Robot Promises to Revolutionize Retail Analytics and Online Shopping

4D Retail Technology

The 4D Space Genius™, a ground-breaking, patent-pending robotic imaging platform provides customers and retailers with the precise location of every product within a store.

4D Retail Technology Corp. launched the 4D Space Genius™ today. Powered by Segway™, this robot can scan any store in less than an hour, imaging every product and barcode in every aisle in ultra-high resolution and 3D. Once completed the 4D Space Genius™ scan provides retailers and manufacturers with the precise location of everything in the store, as well as all instances of missing price tags, empty shelving and more. During the launch, the company also announced the rollout of demonstration units for large chain stores across North America and Europe, in addition to production units.

With its user-friendly interface, the 4D Space Genius™ saves retailers both time and money by eliminating the necessity for labour intensive manual store checks. As the robot travels down each aisle, it automatically compiles and processes huge amounts of ‘big data’, producing a dataset that makes it easy for retailers to identify every product on their shelves, ensure price tag compliance, monitor stock levels and analyze product geoinformation.

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