Re-Thinking Retail Possibilities With Re-Board

In Norrkoping, Sweden, a group of people at Stora Enso did some futuristic re-thinking on the possibilities of creating renewable materials. The result was a paperboard that is the strongest of its kind available today. Challenging traditional methods and being more eco sensitive, Stora Enso Re-board is an eco-friendly paperboard with unique engineered fluted core which is driven by the company’s philosophy of Re- think. This paper based sandwich board is capable of replacing MDF, Plywood and Chipboard used today in many retail applications and is the first paper board in the world to independently measure CO2 emissions. Using Re-board will in fact produce 10 times lesser carbon, according to the company. In a conversation with Point Of Purchase, Kiron Loy, Marketing & Sales Director, Stora Enso shares more details on the implications of this product in the retail environment. Read on…


Eco-Friendly Paperboard

Over recent years there has been a drive to use more sustainable, eco-friendly material as opposed to plastics, MDF & chipboard. Brand Owners & Retailers are actively driving this initiative. Wal-mart is just one of many retailers seeking materials that lower carbon impact and improve waste management. Re-board is the only substrate found on the Wal-Mart supplier hub database illustrated as a material that can lower carbon impact & improve waste management. Many Re-board in-store displays around the world have lasted beyond 4 years. Many are only required to last 1 – 2 years. Heavy signage made from MDF has been replaced with Re-board signage reducing the strain of roofing & ceiling structures.

What are the Highlights of the Product?
The paper board has a good planar flatness and provides thermal insulation and protection from different environmental conditions. An embedded moisture barrier protects the core and the physical properties remain unchanged in humid conditions. It is durable, contains no harmful components and is form stable. Re-board is made out of water-based adhesives so that it can be recycled as paper in normal waste paper streams.


Eco-Friendly Paperboard

What Exactly are the Application Benefits, Specifically of the Unique Engineered Fluted Core?
Our engineered core provides many benefits, from stability, strength, and retention of fixings such as screws, enables rapid cutting of shapes to producing 3D items, which allows the production of curves & clean edges. The Re-board sheets can be cut into any desirable shape. Digital print or decorative lamination on it can create amazing effects. Stora Enso also offers a 5mm Re-board. It is produced on the same machine as the other Re-board dimensions and therefore benefits from the identical engineered core, process and quality assurance.

What are the Cost Implications of This New Material for POP Display Makers?
Compared to traditional materials, when you take the full project into consideration, Re-board is usually more cost effective, reduces carbon footprint & allows companies/retailers/brand owners to claim carbon credits.

What Kind of Response Have you Received From the Retailer and the Brands to the Use of This Material in Retail?
Very positive uptake to the point where Re-board information can be found on Wal-Mart’s supplier hub database, a web based tool designed to help Wal-Mart vendors find interesting products, processes & technologies that can help them reduce their carbon footprint. Re-board is the only substrate on this site.


Eco-Friendly Paperboard

How Exactly Does it Combine Brand Aesthetics With Eco Responsibility? Could You Share Some Specific Examples?
There are numerous. Philips wanted POPs that reflected their products such as clothes irons or highly branded with their logos & products. Others brand owners such as Siemens wanted to enhance their message of eco-friendly products by utilising eco-friendly material for their new range of energy efficient white goods.

Could you Tell us More About Your Partnership Network Across the Globe and Your Initiative to Push Overall Standards?
The Re- board family includes faithful partners and distributors worldwide. They can access the readymade design database of Stora Enso. The company has also developed a wide range of accessories for Re-board which is shared only with users of Re-board material. Recently Stora Enso also initiated Re- board design awards for encouraging best designers.


Eco-Friendly Paperboard

Do you Have Any Plans to Launch Re- Board in Indian Market?
Yes we do. Stora Enso has offices in India & we are currently in discussions with several large distributors & have many POP converters wanting to become Partners.