Oreo Packaging Hides Cookies From Kids

Oreo Packaging

I have a secret stash of junk food in my office. Tucked way at the bottom of my bookshelf is a tome that looks particularly dense and boring. The spine reads “Canadian Human Rights Reporter. Vol. 35. 1999.” With apologies to all human rights reporters, to a child, this book looks like the most academic and stale text imaginable. It’s also not a book at all. If you pull it off the shelf and open it up, it’s hollowed out and full of Twizzlers, Swedish Fish, wine gums, and all the other stuff my kids would definitely dig out of my desk on an unsanctioned, stealthy snack search.

Clearly I’m not alone in needing to hide snacks, and the people at Oreo know this. This week, the brand unveiled what it calls…………

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