Oral-B Makes a Deep Sweep With Launch of New Power Toothbrush

Oral-B Toothbrush End Cap Display

Oral-B, a worldwide leader in the brush market, announced the launch of its newest addition to its professional series of electric toothbrushes, the Deep Sweep 5000 with Wireless SmartGuide. Combining the familiar brushing motion of a manual brush and the power of advanced triple zone cleaning action, the Deep Sweep claims to remove up to 100% more plaque. Inspired by the dentist-recommended Bass technique, Deep Sweep TRIACTION’s dynamic bristles sweep perpendicular to manual brushing motion while unique two-level tufting makes sweeping bristles longer to ensure they reach deeply between teeth.

“We at Oral-B listen to our customers and strive to provide them with the best oral care solutions,” said Rishi Dhingra, marketing director, Procter and Gamble. “Deep Sweep TRIACTION provides what many customers have long been looking for – the familiarity and experience of a manual brush coupled with the cleaning performance of an Oral-B power brush – and we’re excited to be able to meet that need for our customers nationwide.”


Oral-B Toothbrush End Cap Display

Supporting the launch in-store, Crest and Oral-B teamed up to present this eye-catching end cap display. Merchandising two of P&G’s brands, Crest toothpaste was given dedicated space on one side of the display while the other side contained brush refills. The center section housed a copy panel with a recessed pocket which showcased  a live brush, enabling shoppers to interact with the product. Blues and greens were used throughout the graphic presentation to create a very solid flow which complimented all variants on display. Two huge curved side panels were dedicated to the new brush – one showing a product shot and the other encouraging shoppers to check it out.

In addition to retail displays, Oral-B also created a Facebook page where brand fans were able to watch a demo video showing all of the unique features the new brush offers.