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Gilman Brothers

Gilman Brothers

The Gilman Brothers Launches New Resilient® Soft Touch Foam

A velvety soft, fine cell foam board that recovers quickly after compression.


The Gilman Brothers Company is proud to announce the launch of Resilient® Soft Touch Graphics Board. Resilient® is a velvety soft, fine cell foam board that recovers quickly after compression and features a velvety true-black edge that is visually pleasing and ready to display without any further treatment.

The Resilient® product line is available with a consistent white surface that provides a smooth, glass-like surface for direct digital printing applications and with one-side pressure-sensitive adhesive for mounting applications. Resilient® is made with “spring-back technology” which enables it to recover quickly after compression and dent-resistant corners that eliminate any damage in shipping.

“We love Resilient®!” says Ari Luna, Business Development Manager, alluding to the February 14 product launch that kicked off with a new promotional video and detailed commercial packet, along with an exciting new application sample kit. “Feedback from current and new targeted clients is beyond exciting. This product is a disrupter in multiple markets, and I look forward to driving this platform.”

Gilman Brothers business development team has begun scheduling on-site consultations and video presentations to introduce Resilient® to multiple markets. “This is the fastest-growing segment in our company history,” says Bill VanHorn, Director of Sales. “We are humbled to be well-positioned for new pathways to growth.”

The launch of Resilient® is strategically timed with The Gilman Brothers Company’s recent purchase of a Zund G3-2500 digital cutter. With this purchase, the company will be able to provide value-added services to customers via prototypes, design, and cut files.

The Resilient® product page on Gilman Brothers website features application photos, cutting guidelines, and more. Patent-pending Resilient® is made in the USA and is available in gauges ranging from 1/2″, 3/4” and 1″ thicknesses and currently available in 51” x 86” sheets. Resilient® cuts easily and cleanly with most commercial razor knives. Cutting guidelines can be downloaded from the Gilman Brothers website.





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