If You Want To Win At Retail

Article Courtesy of Mike Anthony - Engage Consultants

“And I want 100% distribution”

Ever heard that in a brand marketer’s presentation to the sales team? Yeah – me too. Way too often. Ever had those panic meetings with marketers who have just been told that one of their SKUs is being delisted by a major retailer? Where they suddenly throw everything at some poor neglected runt of an SKU because the idea that they might lose even the least valuable listing is anathema to them? Check! Amusing maybe. But these seemingly frivolous and humorous anecdotes have massive implications for our business. We can’t hope to win with shoppers and retailers if we can’t make shopper-centric decisions about the product ranging for each customer or channel.



“So what?”, I hear you say Surely more is better? We want to keep (or gain) every listing possible. That ‘runt’ SKU you talked about still sells, and…………………

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